I’m stoked to be reading your writing. I’ve also been contemplating how to keep hope - I love what you wrote about reading poetry. Right now Mary Oliver is my best companion for easing my own anxieties about all the things that I can’t control, yet make things feel so desperate. Your words have power. Thanks friend.

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Damn! Wrote a comment and bumped the wrong key and

lost it. Just trying to say I understand how you feel and

how hard it can be to have to

go back and forth between the big world of uncaring and

the more intimate locales of

our lives where we want to care and give. As we are out in the world civility, politeness, responsibility,

please and thank you are so

needed, but within our personal circles we need to be always trying to open and love. It’s really hard not to tire

of the back and forth.

I’m glad you’re writing about

these things and sharing.

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